RTO/ERO North York District 23 Activities Include: our Annual Champagne Breakfast and Holiday Luncheon;

PLUS: Books, Bridge, Crafts, Cycling, Hav-a-Java, Nordic Pole Walking, Speakers Series

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Book Club

Irene Kitchell - Convener

Mary Ellen Lawless - Convener

 We are delighted to share with you the RTO/ERO District 23 Book Club selections for the Fall of 2018.

Red Notice: by Bill Browder is the selection for September 26, 2018
“A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice.” Set in Russia, the author endeavours to avenge his lawyer’s death, exposing a cover-up at the highest levels of the Russian Regime.
All My Fallen Angelas: For October 31, 2018 the choice is All My Fallen Angelas, by Gianna Petriarca
A collection of stories inspired by the lives of Italian-Canadian women living in Toronto from the 1960s to the present.
Every Note Played: by Lisa Genova is the selection for November 28, 2018
A powerful exploration of loss, regret, forgiveness, freedom, and what it means to be alive in a gut-wrenching struggle with ALS.
Please join us on the last Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. at Edithvale Community Centre!
Irene Kitchell, Convener, acts as the Chair for each gathering. All are welcome!

Bridge Club

Alan Ward, Convener - 905-889-3687

The Bridge Club will meet at Willowdale United Church on Kenneth Avenue just north of Church St (south of Finch, 2
blocks east of Yonge) every Tuesday from September 11th, 2018 until mid-December. New members are welcome: please
try to arrive by 12:45 p.m.
Basic instruction is provided on request. Contact Alan Ward at 905-889-3687 or by email for further information.
We are a social group of about 40 RTO members and friends of whom 24 - 28 meet on any given Tuesday for cards, coffee, and cookies. Serious duplicate players will generally look elsewhere for their bridge “fix,” but we offer friendly company in pleasant surroundings with the opportunity for newbies to get into the game. It is not necessary to come with a partner, nor to commit to appearing every week. RTO members may bring a friend who is not an RTO member; all attendees contribute $3 per afternoon to defray the costs of leasing the space. The group thanks those members who come early to set up the room and assist in the kitchen before and after the meeting as well as all whose generosity and skills as bakers have enhanced our enjoyment of the afternoon.
The Table Champions
Congratulations to the following players who were undefeated on one or more occasions in the first five rounds between February 6th, 2018 and June 15th, 2018: Bev Henricks, Marilyn Johnson, Gabor Kellner, Irene Loberto (8), Mavis McKernan, Larry Miller, Sylvia Skippen.
The Successful Slam Bidders:
  • Feb 20 Susan Richard & Wayne Wong 6D
  • Mar 13 Irene Loberto & Mavis McKernan 6N+1
  • Mar 20 Carson Klinck & Bev Suzuki 7C
  • Mar 20 Bev Suzuki & Larry Miller 7S
  • Mar 27 Alan Ward & Larry Miller 6D
  • Apr 3 Carson Klinck & Lee White 6H
  • Apr 17 Lee White & Susan Richard 6H
  • Apr 24 Alan Ward & Ilona Taray 6H+1
  • May 8 Larry Sonenberg & Raymond Wong 6C+1
  • May 8 Cheryl Sonenberg & Larry Sonenberg 6S
  • May 8 Irene Loberto & Anna Bloom 6S
  • May 15 Larry Sonenberg & Bev Suzuki 6H
  • May 29 Jerry Tenenbaum & Sophia Ng 6S
  • Jun 5 Angela Jutlah & Larry Sonenberg 6H+1
  • Jun 12 Lee White & Bev Henricks 6S+1
  • Jun 12 Ann O’Neill & Polly Clarke 6N+1
  • Jun 12 Larry Miller & Bev Henricks 6S+1
Opening, Responding, Overcalling, Competing, Doubling.....a few reflections!
What should I bid with this hand? Often, the answer is “pass”! In 1st seat, or in 2nd seat after a pass, holding 12-13 or 18-19 HCP, open 1 of a major with a 5-card suit. Be a little more aggressive if your suit is spades. Lacking a 5 card major but holding 4 diamonds, open 1D, otherwise float a trial balloon by bidding 1C. With 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand (at most one doubleton) open 1 No Trump. In 3rd seat after two passes, open 1S with a slightly weaker hand if you hold a solid 5-card spade suit. It makes life harder for your opponent in 4th seat.
Preemptive bidding is most effective in 3rd seat, especially after 2 passes when the opponent in 4th seat may have a strong hand. Ideally, the hand should contain 2 of the top 3 cards or 3 of the top 5 in the long suit. A hand with a long spade suit is most effective in blocking the opponents. A 2S opening bid is a killer! An overcall (a bid following an opponent’s 1-level opener) will often be based on a hand with 9 - 11 HCP and a good 5-card spade suit. Partner should be aware that an overcall may be weak but should raise to the level of the partnership’s total trump holding, even with a bust hand. e.g. After 1H 1S 2C bid 4S even with a Yarborough (zero HCP) and 5 low spades! Compete whenever possible! Be willing to double when opponents are blatantly stealing your game!


Eileen Kearns - Convener |

The RTO/ERO North York District 23 Cycling Group has had a wonderful Spring 2018 Cycling Season.
There have been many new registrants who are very enthusiastic about cycling in the ravines and parklands of our beautiful city. We will continue to explore longer rides, as this is the interest of the group.
Who? for those who have a comfortable and confident skill level with cycling.
Where? Routes vary each month - see current e-Newsletter for details
When: Thursday mornings starting in September 2018 at 10:00 am.
Dates: Thursday September 6th, 13th, 20th and October 4th.
Requirements: Participating cyclist must have:
  • bike with bell
  • air in tires
  • bicycle helmet certified approved by CSA, Snell, ASTM, CPSC, or ANSI worn
  • running shoes
  • water bottle
Please have with you your most important emergency information in addition to your OHIP #.
To register email:
Registering for this event is most important as cycling is weather dependent and the trip could be cancelled.
Please note: A waiver form will be provided and each cyclist is required to sign it before each cycling trip.


Registration Form in our Newsletter

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