District 23, North York Executive has cancelled all sponsored activities until further notice.

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RTOERO has sent a letter to Christine Elliott, Minister of Health expressing members' concerns about Ontario's approach to managing the prescription medication supply during the Time of COVID-19.


RTO Foundation: What does "we are all in this together" mean in
the Time of COVID?

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The e-Devices Group led by Vern Paige has resumed its biweekly meetings by going virtual.

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A few other groups have hosted virtual meetings too - Needlework, Book Club and Have-A-Java. Please check with conveners for details.

Welcome to the District 23 North York website of
RTOERO – the Retired Teachers of Ontario


Our name hearkens back to our roots in 1968 when we were first established to serve the needs of retired teachers of Ontario. Since then we have extended our membership to welcome all Ontario educational support staff from schools and school boards, as well as college and university faculty.


Most RTOERO members live in Ontario and are affiliated with one of 51 Districts into which the organization is divided, including Districts in British Columbia, the Prairies, the Atlantic Provinces, and the Province of Quebec. Members may belong to any district, and have the option of becoming a correspondence member of a second district. If you are eligible for membership upon retirement, you can become an associate member today - at no cost until you retire. At the District level, members participate in social, travel and leisure opportunities, political advocacy and District Executive leadership roles. At the Provincial level, members are actively involved in the Forum (the governing body of RTOERO), the Board of Directors and several committees.



Between the Provincial and District levels, RTOERO provides a strong and active voice for a voluntary membership of 80,000 that ranges in age from 46 to over 109. A full range of programs and services are offered:

  • A variety of activities at the local District level that include clubs for Bridge, Books, Walking, Strolling, Biking, Needlework and Crafts, Coffee Lovers, theatre and trips.
  • Excellent health care coverage that is comprehensive, competitive and affordable, operating the largest Canadian retired educator health plan covering over 89,000 members and their dependents.
  • Pension support
  • Bilingual services
  • Advocacy on social, political and economic issues
  • Group travel programs
  • Community involvement
  • Communication from both Provincial and District levels, including RTOERO’s award-winning new quarterly magazine, Renaissance and District newsletters and magazines.


The City of Toronto is divided into four districts:


If you live or worked in or near North York, we invite you to join District 23 North York. We offer our 2,800 members a wide range of social activities that are described in our quarterly newsletter STONY Bridges and our monthly E-Newsletter. Follow us on Twitter @RTO23_NorthYork for a curated feed of news relevant to education, seniors and health issues. Also join us on Facebook.


Website: https://district23.rto-ero.org

Twitter: @RTO23_NorthYork

Facebook: rtoerodistrict23




Summer 2020 Edition of STONY Bridges




Click here for the May 5, 2020 E-Newsletter regarding Letter to Minister of Health about member concerns to Ontario's approach to managing the prescription medication supply.

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