STONY Bridges 2022 Spring Edition is Out


The Spring 2022 edition of STONY Bridges is off to the printers.
Click here for the 1-page spread.
Click here for the 2-page spread.
This issue of STONY Bridges is brimming with poems, travelogues and stories. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did crafting it.
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A shout out to the many contributors to STONY and, in particular, Maureen Capotosto, Karen Quinn and Gerard MacNeil for their invaluable assistance on TEAM STONY!
Here’s to Enjoying the Light at the End of The Tunnel Safely, the Joys and Freedom of Retirement, and coveted defined benefit pension plans.
Yours in the Time After COVID!

Merv Mascarenhas

Editor, STONY Bridges