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While the official GO LIVE date for the new website is Monday, August 1, 2022, we have already begun a soft launch with all new content being published only on the new website. Effective August 1, 2022 all visits to the current website will be automatically redirected to the new website. Please note that most of the content on this website will NOT be moved to the new website. This is a photo of the new website.

The 2022 Annual Meeting of District 23 North York was held on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Click HERE for the Agenda and Annual Reports.



Dr. Suzuki: Creating a lasting legacy through environmental stewardship

Older adults are the fastest-growing age group in Canada. Together with our members and partners, RTOERO advocates for critical policy improvements to address urgent needs now and create a more secure and compassionate future for everyone. One of the three key issues that we are addressing is Environmental Stewardship – the responsible use of resources, conservation, protecting our air, land, and water. Improving in all areas is critical to a sustainable future. Individuals, companies, industry groups and governments all have a role to play in environmental stewardship. We need to maintain the viability of our ecosystems for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.

Click here for more details of Dr. Suzuki's stirring presentation to 1300+ RTOERO members across Canada and the world. 




Urban Wildlife Grant Project

This year, the focus of our District 23 Community Grant is to support urban wildlife survival by promoting understanding and education of their needs and challenges. Click here to learn more about it and to view slidedecks and video recortdings of presentations.

Jan 25, 2022: Birds and Cities: Reducing Threats and Saving Birds Lives!

Feb 23, 2022: Co-existing with our Wildlife Neighbours!

Apr 6, 2022: Wild Babies! Raising Orphaned Animals at TWC & Keeping Families Together in the Wild


2022-03-01: STONY Bridges 2022 Spring Edition has been delivered to all members requesting a printed copy. Click here to see the electronic version.



Click here for the June 2022 E-Newsletter.